AI assisted Drug Discovery

We provide valuable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry via our proprietary AI Drug Discovery platform that can accelerate the drug development process, covering the process of Virtual Screening, Hit to Lead and Lead Optimisation.

We have rapidly identified multiple small molecule drug compounds with high potential for multiple age-related disease, including Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson's Disease and SARS-CoV-2.

Biomedical Knowledge Graph

PharmaKG is a proprietary biomedical knowledge graph developed by Aladdin. It provides key functionality such as target identification, pathological pathway discovery, mechanism analysis and drug repurposing.

PharmaKG can help to reveal actionable insights, mechanisms and potential drug candidates by uncovering key relationships between disease, genes, chemical compounds and drugs.

Disease Diagnosis and Risk Assessment Platform

Earlier and more accurate diagnosis can be obtained by utilising a combination of AI and multimodal data that includes genetic biomarkers, imaging, blood samples, medical records and textual content from scientific publications.

Aladdin has integrated these data sets into our disease centric knowledge graph platform. This complex method drives our automated decision-making process that can detect age-related disease risks at their earliest stage and can transform global healthcare screening.

  • Disease Risk Prediction,
  • Disease Lesion Discovery and Quantitative Analysis,
  • Disease Progression Analysis and Simulation, Treatment Plan Recommendation.

Insights from Longitudinal Data

We have developed partnerships with global biobanks containing both anonymous healthy human data and patient data. This is continuously updated on a regular basis.